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My Awakening


I’ve had many mini spiritual awakenings these past few years but none have been as profound as my most recent experience.

I attended a Bodhi meditation class one evening in September and I didn’t really like it at first. I found it difficult to focus and clear my mind, I found the various meditations to be very weird but something amazing happened within me.

After that first class I sat around waiting to meet up with a friend in the city, and suddenly I began to have flashbacks of my childhood. Memories of good, happy moments flashed before me and it was a pleasant surprise. Up until that evening all of my flashbacks of my childhood were full of sorrow, hurt, anguish and despair. I tried to run from them as best as I could. Remembering pleasant and happy times was novel and a little scary but I went with it.

Then I heard a voice from deep within my gut. Some call it intuition others Holy Spirit or Inner Guide. I call my inner knowing my Holy Essence. It spoke to me, very clearly and said,” You are meant to serve others”. This moved me on a very deep level. Since moving to New York City I’ve struggled to figure out what path my life is meant to take. I did a lot of research into career paths and vocations. I went from wanting to be an esthetician, then a model, then a yoga instructor, then a health coach, then a publicist. Finally I settled on Social Media Marketing. But, sometime was not right with this. Every road I tried to take that led to this career was closed for me. So, shortly before I went to my first energy healing Bodhi meditation class I began to pray. I was reading Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein and her earnest desire for healing was very inspiring and I wanted the joy that she has. I started to pray for direction and for my place in this world to be revealed to me. I prayed every single morning and evening for about 2 weeks before that class.

“You are meant to serve others.”

I heard the Divine and I did something a little crazy. I took Gabby’s advice from one of her videos on YouTube and I opened myself to this revelation and claimed it. I said to my Holy Essence, “Yes.” And I wrote down on a piece of scrap paper that I claimed my path as a healer and servant. As soon as I finished writing it, I was overcome with emotion and I just sat and cried. I cried for all of the other little girls out there who are living in fear and being abused in one way or another. I cried for myself. I cried for the people who I would meet and help to heal. I cried mostly because I was relieved. That night, I was freed from my fear and my striving. My chasing after a life I was not meant to live. I allowed myself to accept my truth.

And now I’m here. I’m answering my calling: to serve and to heal.

With Love.


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