10 Ways to Use A Prayer for Love


“Divine make me a vessel of love. I’m open and willing to receiving unconditional love for myself and for the people in my life.”

I use this prayer for a number of reasons:

1. When things are getting emotionally difficult. Love is usually the solution.

2.When I’m happy and joyful.

3. When I’m struggling to feel heard.

4. On my way to work.

5. Before going to bed.

6. When I wake up.

7. When I’m angry with my relatives/significant other/colleagues/people in general.

8. When I see something that reminds me of what love really is.

9. Just because.

10. My favorite way to use this prayer is when I’m going into a networking event. I’m usually nervous as all hell and I get stuck in my mind. After I say this prayer it reminds me that all I have to do is be my loving self and all the right people will be attracted to me.


Many blessings my loves,




When to Forgive


Forgiveness is love. I have grappled with the notion of forgiveness over the past few years. I grew up in a very chaotic and dysfunctional household. There were drugs, abuse, hurtful words, stealing and backstabbing. So when I finally became an adult and decided to move out of my home with my parents I was bitter. I was angry at what happened to me, I was pissed at how my parents treated me. I was annoyed that no one reached out to help me; I felt isolated, rejected and misled. I didn’t believe in love and I for sure as hell didn’t believe in forgiving the people who were supposed to be my protectors. No, I would never forgive them.

And so I went about my life holding on to that hate and anger. And I spent a lot of time in therapy and I spent a little bit of time on medication. I got married then divorced a few short years later. I had to drop out of school. I was broke. I was miserable and the best I could do to help me feel better was to point the finger and blame. (Clearly at this point in my life I didn’t understand that I had the power to stop all of this nonsense by changing my mindset). 

Then the craziest thing happened. I started to pray. I prayed because, as I sat in a relative’s home feeling like a total waste of a person, I knew that I was meant to be and have more. I knew it in my gut. Do you know what God told me? “Release your parents, you were never the reason for the negative, you were always the cure”. There it was loud and clear. FORGIVE DAMMIT! But I wasn’t ready just yet. I had to reach for a better vibration within myself first. 

After 5 years of living a life of blame, I recently forgave them. I let it all go and since then life has been peaches and sweet tea. Delicious. I needed to be ready to forgive and the only way you can do that is to truly accept that You can run from your problems but you will take yourself with you

Oh yes my loves, forgiveness is not about what the other person does or says, it is all about you. When you offer the vibration of anger and blame, by allowing your thoughts to focus on another person’s flaws and sins, you will stay stuck and be unable to flourish. Its all about you. When you are able to start to see the good within everyone, when you are able to allow the Universe to send you the love you seek by releasing fear and anger, then you are ready to forgive. Forgiveness is not about patting someone on the back and saying, “Hey its okay that you hurt me and I’m OK with you doing it again”. No. Forgiveness is about you looking into their soul and saying, ” I know you don’t always act like it and that sucks but I can see the Divine in you and I love that part of you.”

It takes time and you should allow yourself to feel what you need to feel but then at some point you have to look at your situation and say to yourself, “Am I where I want to be? Am I allowing as much love as possible into my life? Can I see the love and truth within every person who I think has wronged me?” Once you’re ready to answer those questions honestly, then you are ready to forgive.

Blessings my loves.

Your Most Important Relationship


Your most important relationship is the one you have with your Inner Being. This is the part of you that is still very much connected to your past life wisdom and your Source energy. It is that part of you that feels like intuition or a voice of reasoning from deep within. It is your Eternal part. This is why your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship. Here is the truth: 

You cannot give love to this world if you have not given it to yourself first

This isn’t news to some of us and you may have heard it plenty of times before. It is our ultimate truth while we are here in this physical experience. You and I came to love. And the best way to spread love and to use love to uplift each other and bring peace and joy to our relationships is to love who we are first. There is no other way. 

How can you not love who you are? You are truly an extension of God. You are whole, light and perfect. You are love energy having a physical, human experience. Having a relationship with yourself is something to cherish and celebrate. 

This week, take time for you. Use meditation to tap into your Holy Essence and love it. Learn to quiet your mind so you can hear your Soul, so you can hear God. Do something kind for yourself. Open your heart to loving yourself first and joy is sure to follow. 

Prayer of the week:

Source, make me a vessel of love. I am open to learning to love myself first. I am open to loving all others second. Show me how to love no matter what. I release my fears to you and open my heart to you. Thank you for your wisdom and guidance. Amen.

How to Manifest Anything You Want


This is an inspired message so pay attention:

The power that creates worlds is inside of you.

Do you understand how powerful that is? We are all connected to Source energy. Every single person. We are all created from that energy and we even admit that energy can neither be destroyed nor created. You posses within your reach at all times the ability to create worlds! Most of us don’t want to create universes so it doesn’t happen but think about all of the people who have desired something and received it. Think of the people in your life who set out to do something that seemed impossible yet they achieved. Think about the times when you were on your knees crying out for a sign, relief, a miracle and then you got that phone call, you found that person, you were given what you needed. Don’t knock the truth of your existence my love and don’t be afraid. You are connected to a power and an energy so great, so powerful, so pure and good. And no matter what you do, you can’t destroy it within you. You cannot put out your light. You can try to if you want. You can fill your life with ‘distractions” but there is nothing that you can do to stop the energy flowing within you. One person can start a revolution, create change, attract riches. One. Person. Have you ever stopped to marvel at that? 

Do it now! Whatever it is that you think you want, whatever it is that your heart longs for, go and get it. I promise you that as soon as you accept that you are a powerful co-creator in this world EVERYTHING will fall into place in unexpected ways. This is your task for this week and this is your mantra:

The power that creates worlds is within me. I can be and have and achieve anything I desire as long as I want it. I want it and its mines to have. 


If you would like to work with me to help you tap into that power please contact me at kimlorrainne@gmail.com. Your consultation and first session are free. 

What Does Your Heart Long For?


Hi loves,

This morning I did the following meditation: http://www.tarabrach.com/audio/2012-10-03-Meditation-On-Intention-TaraBrach.mp3

When I sat down to do it I wasn’t really looking or intending to meditate, it was more about connecting with my heart and being present to see what was going on in there. I do a lot of meditation that focuses on the breath or healing energy but I rarely take the time to do a heart centered meditation such as the one above. Case in point- I last did a heart centered meditation in September.

This lead me to ask myself, what the heck does my heart really want? And why have I been ignoring it? What gives?

Well, by the Law of Attraction you get what you think about. And I received my answer through this meditation. 

I realized that my heart has been feeling deflated and heavy lately. This came as a shock for me because I’ve been feeling totally blissed out. So I asked my heart, “Heart, why are you so sad?”

My heart’s response: “I feel like I’m not doing enough to fulfill my mission. I’m not helping enough people, I’m not connecting with other hearts”. Cue- Owner of a Lonely Heart. 

My poor baby. 

So I resolved to pay attention to it more and to find hearts to connect with. When you’re on a spiritual journey and when you answer your calling your heart should become a major focus. I’ve been so tapped into my body and the energy of my thoughts that I forgot one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. My spirit. Body Mind and Spirit. Why do we put that last? It should be Spirit Mind and Body. As you are connected to your Spirit your Mind becomes better able to help support your Physical Body. Of course this can be argued in other ways but this is my truth. 

We are now entering into the busiest time of the year and also the time when we are supposed to be focused on giving to others. That’s cool, but I urge you to give only from a connection with your Heart. Let your Spirit guide you. For me, this means that presents will be simple but thoughtful and more time will be devoted to my Well-Being. 

Attracting all of the love and joy and materials that you want in this physical experience can only come about when you are tapped in to your Heart. 

How is your heart feeling today?

Blessing my loves,


Bed Rest


Hello My Loves,

I’ve been given orders to stay in bed for the weekend which has both a negative and a positive consequence.

Positive: More time to write write write.

Negative: Because of my particular predicament I’m super tired so I don’t know how much energy I’ll have to write.

But there is a good spiritual lesson to be learned here: Meditation!

Being out of commission for a few days is a wonderful way to re-center and to breathe deeply and cultivate joy.Meditation also helps you to pivot your point of attraction from a place of illness to that of well-being. I’m looking forward to some very intense meditations. I really love in particular Tara Brach. She has lovely guided meditations on her website and she has a very soothing voice. I’m very drawn, naturally, to the Buddhist meditation teachers like Tara. Their focus seems to be more on compassion, joy and love and who doesn’t need some more of that?

Other spiritual practices I’m going to indulge in this weekend? Praying, herbal tea drinking and detox baths. I have an excellent detox bath recipe for you that I’ll share with you later tomorrow. You will come out of it feeling refreshed, light, smooth and blissful. It’s good stuff. 

Also, this weekend, I’m going to share with you my Course In Miracles story. I hope you check back for that. 

To all of my beloved subscribers: Thank you for the support on my journey, this is a magical place and I’m glad you’re tuned in and signed up. Your lives are changing for the better in ways that you can’t even imagine yet.

Be well and many blessings,


Tara Brach’s Meditations:  http://www.tarabrach.com/audioarchives-guided-meditations.html

Turn A Negative Into A Positive


I’m going to share with you something really powerful that you can use no matter where you are and no matter how you’re feeling to go from feeling down to super happy. But first, a story.

Yesterday I woke up in a funk. I was able to find something wrong with everything. My room wasn’t clean enough. I had a sinus headache, my alarm woke me up too early, the cat shit on the floor, I couldn’t focus in my meditation, I couldn’t find my clothes, my clothes just weren’t pretty enough….oh my goodness I could go on and on. And to be honest, the old me (let’s call it pre-spiritual awakening PSA) would have been very content with finding fault for the rest of the day. But new me, alive and awakened me knew better.

How can I take my negative and make it positive?

If you’re trying to manifest all of the amazingness that you came here to manifest this should be a question you ask yourself regularly.

I asked myself that question and I forced myself to come up with an answer. “Well I guess I’m grateful that I can walk.”( That didn’t work.);”I was born in America.” (Nope.);”I love today.”( Since that was a flat out lie it didn’t work.)

“What makes me happy?” Ah yes, family. BINGO!

I started envisioned my family being happy and healthy and well taken care of. I started to reminisce on past times together that were fun. My energy started to move in a positive direction and more and more positive thoughts and images came to me. By the time I got into the city and was at work I was smiling like a mad woman. Smiling and thus, attracting a whole heck of a lot more positive energy. I was able to go from a place of mis-creating to a place of bliss.

Here’s how you can do the same thing.

1. Be in a funk. This is half a joke but honestly, you won’t need this process if you’re already happy.

2. Acknowledge your funkiness. Accept that it is your present reality but don’t get drawn into its stories.

3. Make it your goal to attract positivity. Set that as your intention.

4. Think of something that has made you happy in the past. Maybe its music or a funny inside joke or even that time when you won that trophy. Whatever it is, get a clear picture of it in your mind. Relive that moment of joy. Totally surrender to it.

5. Allow the Law of Attraction to bring you more and more good feeling thoughts. This step is really important. When you allow the Universe to do its work you’re simply leaning in to the goodness. Don’t let any lingering negativity influence your positive thinking stream.  Only allow good feelings and thoughts to wash over you and do not judge them, simply accept that they are there.

6. Accept your new reality. Now you’re back on track. You’ve summoned positivity and it will stay with you for as long as you are able to focus on it. Let positivity be your goal for that day. Cultivate it, spread it, simmer in it. It’s delicious!

We are not here to suffer. We are here to create ,to appreciate and dance in abundance, to love, to be happy. This is life! If you’re having a rough time with it just give this process a try. Heck, even if you’re reading this and in bed, its not too late, you can cultivate positivity and joy right now before you sleep. In fact, I highly recommend that you do so because when you wake up in the morning your energy picks up where it left off.

You want more happy, positive days? Do this every evening and any time you’re feeling funky.

Blessings and Love and Joy to You!!!!!